My Internship experience at ACFODE

June- August is this time of the year where University students look for internship places in various Organizations. This intends to give students an advantage of working experience by the end of their undergraduate programe. As a Communication student, I got an opportunity to intern with Action for Development Organization which I got to know through a relative.

 On 5th June I introduced myself to the organization, where I found other Interns from different Universities. On arrival we were oriented by the Executive Director, who gave us all the necessary information about the organization, took us around to different offices and introduced us to the staff members, and later we were given the code of conduct to sign, since it was the norm to the people who joined the organization. On the following day, I met with my Field Supervisor, whom we had a long conversation about my expectations of the organization, and what I wanted to do.

From the first day of my internship at Action for Development, I was involved in multiple duties, and these included; writing media reviews to enlighten and emphasize important topics in the newspaper, assist in administrative duties, documenting interviews of mentors of Sauti ya Sasa programe, combining weekly news roundup, composing social media posts, and articles, among others

I gained valuable knowledge that I did not have before I came to Acfode, my writing, communication and computer skills have improved greatly, I have learnt to write good articles, communicate clearly and professionally, and to use the computer to do different tasks, which I could not do before. I also got in-depth knowledge of contemporary issues about women, like Gender Equality, advocacy for women’s rights and empowerment.

Additionally, I attended staff meetings, where I gained valuable experience and knowledge about writing minutes, proposals and project plans. I also learnt to scan, print and photocopy documents, which I did not know before.

Furthermore, I met new people, the staff members, my fellow interns from different universities and scholars from the University of Minnesota (USA), and we shared various ideas, like the importance of connections among people and introduced the model couple, how it ignores the youth and the children, and how the youth are involved in different projects. More to that, we always had delicious meals that kept us lively while doing our work. And free internet access since most of the work required the use of the internet.

 In conclusion, It was really an amazing experience,Iam not the same as I came, I extend my sincere appreciation to my Field Supervisor Ms. Nassali Sandra for her tremendous work, and time she has rendered to me, and I also thank the Executive Director of ACFODE for the opportunity, guidance and support they give to interns.


August, 08 2019
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