In Uganda, youth and women have limited access to and use of financial services. 34 % of women use informal financial services compared to 27 % of men.  However, Government, with support from development partners, has endeavored to integrate gender equality into programs such as the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS); Peace and Recovery Development Program (PRDP); Universal Primary Education (UPE); and the Youth Livelihood Program (YLP).

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In order to execute her mandate effectively, ACFODE is committed to working towards improving on the identified weak institutional areas. In particular, ACFODE shall prioritize strengthening and resourcing her most important assets; the staff, and members. Effort will be made to increase enrolment and participation of members, and draw more skills that can be used to advance ACFODE’s agenda. To improve her visibility and programming, ACFODE will strengthen her documentation and M&E systems and capacities

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Social cultural

There is a growing role of cultural and religious leaders in promoting gender equality. E.g. women’s role in faith based organizations and ministers in cultural institutions. In addition these institutions have traditionally taken a lead role in setting GBV cases although in an ad hoc manner.  Therefore ACFODE will tap into this growing good will to equip leaders with more knowledge and skills in promoting gender equality. 

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Economic empowerement

Having noted the critical role that economic empowerment plays in enhancing the role and status of women in society, ACFODE shall initiate and integrate economic empowerment activities in all her programs. Such programmes will target women and girls towards enhancing their status, role and participation in political, as well as socio-economic programs. ACFODE will also advocate for implementation of national labour laws that enhance job security for women especially in the Private and NGO Sectors.

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Capacity building

ACFODE is aware of the glaring need for different actors and leaders to be informed and skilled in gender analysis and programming. The organization is also aware of lack of a strong training facility and information centre that can equip women and men as well as institutions with practical knowledge and skills in gender and gender programming. ACFODE’ shall take advantage of her name, experience and database of skilled members to design packages and offer expert training, mentoring and advisory services on gender. 

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Cognizant of the fact that the positive policy and legal environment has not translated into realization of gender equality in Uganda, ACFODE will maintain her stand on advocacy for effective implementation of the existing gender laws and policies. Including advocating for financing of the enactment and implementation of gender responsive laws and policies. ACFODE shall invest in research, learning and documentation to inform and strengthen her advocacy initiatives which will guide her work towards contributing to formulation of new laws, bylaws and/or policies.

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To empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda.

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