Leadership Development
To enhance the capacity of leaders in strategic positions, girls and women as champions of gender equality
Policy Advocacy & Research
To influence the formulation and implementation of policies and legislation that promote gender equality
Transformative Social - Cultural Economic
To promote positive social-cultural practices that protect the rights of women and girls

Economic Empowerment
To contribute to the implementation of programmes that economically empower women and girls in Uganda
Institutional Development
To Strengthen ACFODE’s human & program systems, and practices for efficient and effective implementation of her mandate
Mission & Vision
To empower women and influence legislation and policy for gender equality in Uganda.
Vision: A just society where gender equality is a reality

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Financial management is a key ingredient needed by entrepreneurs and their managers to make concrete financial decisions. To enhance skills and knowledge on financial management and entrepreneurship among mentees under the Sauti Ya Sasa mentoring program, ACFODE in partnership with GIZ Uganda engaged them in a one day training. This training was facilitated by Mr. Kadima JP and Mr. Nasser Katuramu on 26th April, 2019, involving 12 mentees (8 females and 4 males) at ACFODE House, Bukoto-Kampala.

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Every human being is inherently a right holder who should enjoy their universal human rights. Duty bearers have roles and responsibilities to ensure that each person is guaranteed their rights. Accordingly, ACFODE, as a woman rights focused organization, conducted a two days induction meeting with sub-county and district duty bearers to enhance their understanding and inclusion of gender sensitivity in all policies and budgets in their respective areas of duty.  

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Nabunya Stella- Lwanda Sub-county a leader for one of the women groups in Rakai district shares how they have been in position to fight sexual violence, teenage pregnancy and school dropouts in their area. She notes that residents were found of attending trans-night parties during which girls would either raped and or defiled, actions that resulted in unwanted pregnancies and eventually school dropout. The women group under Stella’s leadership thus organized several meetings with the Local Council one Chairman who passed a by-law barring parties beyond 11:00pm. This law has seen a reduction in the occurrence of sexual violence in Lwanda sub-county and teenage pregnancy and consequently girls have stayed in school.

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There is nothing women can achieve if their leaders, especially fellow women, fail to come out boldly and advocate for inclusion of women pertinent needs in government programmes. And the best way to do this is when they work together,” said Ms Susan Acen Oyepa, the Apac District Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO) while giving her opening remarks during the Apac district capacity building training of the women leaders caucuses.

Organised by Action For Development (ACFODE), the trainings were held in March, 2019 in each of the districts of Apac, Oyam, Kaberamaido, Kibaale and Masaka and reached out to 135 people.

The Women leaders training were directed towards strengthening members of the women caucuses with skills and knowledge to enhance power in planning, policy making, budgeting and implementation of government programs.

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As an internee, I would say my experience at ACFODE was life changing because a lot of things that I didn’t know concerning gender and work ethics were lessons I learnt and this was a very positive impact to me. First of all, the working environment was generally interesting because of the new things I was getting to learn. On my first day, I was oriented by the Executive Director, I wasn’t the only intern so there was no way I would be bored in my free time and the staff members were also nice people.


During my stay at ACFODE between 5th June to 31st July, I was placed under the Gender and Economic Policy Department under the supervision of Ms. Rukondo Rebecca. In this department I had regular assignments to do which needed me to read books and do research on the internet to get the relevant information that would answer the questions asked. I also happened to attend a workshop. Here I was able to learn communication skills i.e. ways of addressing myself as I observed how the participants where bringing out their issues to be discussed, the value of group/team work because during some of the sessions at the work shop we were placed under different groups to discuss and this improved on the topic being discussed.

August, 08 2019

June- August is this time of the year where University students look for internship places in various Organizations. This intends to give students an advantage of working experience by the end of their undergraduate programe. As a Communication student, I got an opportunity to intern with Action for Development Organization which I got to know through a relative.

 On 5th June I introduced myself to the organization, where I found other Interns from different Universities. On arrival we were oriented by the Executive Director, who gave us all the necessary information about the organization, took us around to different offices and introduced us to the staff members, and later we were given the code of conduct to sign, since it was the norm to the people who joined the organization. On the following day, I met with my Field Supervisor, whom we had a long conversation about my expectations of the organization, and what I wanted to do.

August, 08 2019
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